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Get More Done in the Field. With the UtiliShelf, the Original Magnetic Desk

UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk revolutionary design makes it possible for field workers to get more done in the field, handsfree.

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UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk in the Field

UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk works for every industry that demands workers be sent out into the field. From electric metering to oil rigs – and beyond – here are some of the ways our customers are using UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk :

  • Portable Desk & Writing Station: Because when you’re in the field, you don’t have a desk.
  • Portable Magnetic Tool & Testing Station: UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk can hold up to 15 pounds of tools and testing equipment, while being light enough to grab and go.
  • Portable Computer Workstation: No, there isn’t an app for that. Sometimes you just need a computer in the field. And UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk provides a great, productive space for it.

How can UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk help your workers be more productive

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UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk in Any Industry

Thousands of field workers across scores of industries rely on UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk  to get more done in the field.

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Oil & Gas

Electric Metering


Renewable Energy

Food Processing


Automotive Manufacturing

And Many More!

worked well, all tech loved. Good material.

Im going to buy this again!!

This magnetic shelf is great. Holds my laptop when I need to work on Diesel engines. Light weight and durable. Great product. Also ordering from national business furniture was easy and the delivery was fast and on time.

I would buy this again and have recommended it to other tech