3 Ways to Improve Field Worker Productivity & Safety

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3 Ways to Improve Field Worker Productivity & Safety

Increasing productivity is all about improving your workflow so that there are fewer distractions and less time taken to perform simple and frequently-executed tasks. Magnetic shelves may help.

Productivity Loss in Field Work

For any field worker that frequently has to rummage through a tool box or bag in order to look for the right tool for the job, it can be frustrating because there’s seemingly no order or organisation. In the field, this leads to a lot of wasted time.

Some of the main issues that cause a lack of field worker productivity include:

  • No space to place your tools in an organised manner that allows easy access
  • Losing your tools because they’re placed all over a work site or area
  • Rummaging through a bag of tools trying to find specific tools or materials

It can be expensive repeating the same few steps or spending far too long on a job because of a lack of organisation and flexibility during field work.

This is why a magnetic shelf can improve productivity across a number of different industries and job descriptions.

What is a magnetic shelf?

A magnetic shelf is a briefcase-like item that can firmly attach to any metal surface. It opens up to create a small portable shelf that can be used in a variety of different ways such as acting as a table for tools, a writing desk or even a computer workstation.

The best shelves attach with rubber magnet protectors that will safeguard any surface you put it on, and it can come with a variety of different surfaces to suit your individual needs.

Use case examples for a magnetic shelf

There are many possibilities to improve productivity with a magnetic shelf. A couple of the most common and popular use cases include:

Performing diagnostic work with a laptop out in the field.

Most people don’t realize just how difficult it can be to use a laptop out in the field with no table. It poses a posture risk, it can be uncomfortable to use for long periods and its unlikely that it will be in close proximity to the devices that need to be tested and monitored.

A magnetic shelf can attach to virtually any metal surface and be used as a portable and flexible computer workstation.

A stable writing surface for difficult situations.

Performing diagnostic work 60-feet into the air is difficult if you don’t have a stable surface. A magnetic shelf can provide a stable writing surface so that field workers can fill out forms and perform diagnostic checks even if they’re suspended in the air as long as there’s a metal surface nearby.

Portable and sturdy equipment holder.

A magnetic shelf is an excellent tool to help you hold test equipment and work tools. This is a better solution than having a heavy tool belt which can weigh you down. Even better, you can easily take readings from testing equipment while having your hands free to do other things.

Why UtiliShelf?

These use cases are just the tip of the iceberg. With thousands of customers in every industry, UtiliShelf has become a key resource for improving field worker productivity & safety. If you’re interested in learning how a UtiliShelf might help your company, reach out via phone or chat. Or, go ahead and buy now.


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