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What is it?

The UtiliShelf is primarily a Portable work desk that attaches to any piece of metal at work at home or in the field. It can also attach right to your truck bin or door in the field. Never again will you have to balance a laptop, hook up cables and try to input data while interrogating a meter, testing or whatever you see fit. With the UtiliShelf , it provides a hands free, safe work space that is ergonomically advantageous to the user with low technical and integration risk It also has low testing, training, and supportability impacts.

How does it work?

Simply attach the UtiliShelf to the enclosure, wall of a cubicle or switchgear in the field and you’re ready for
work, keeping the laptop off the ground out of the elements and safe to do your work.This is done by use of
two powerful cup magnets on the device.

What else can I use it for?

A large variety of things such as:
It can be used to provide a lunch station in the field where there is no table
provided, and you want to keep your lunch off your lap or ground. It can be used
as a desktop for paperwork, or to support books, prints and so on… It
can be utilized to set your test equipment on, (within weight limitations of
course). It can be used to hold tools while working in a cubicle. Simply attach it to the
wall of the enclosure and your connectors and tools are at hands reach, again
providing a safe work environment where you don’t have to go up and down a
ladder or go in and out of the enclosure for tools and connectors. It can be used for
other areas besides the Electric Metering industry such as:
Construction, Telecom Industry, EMS workers, Military, Automotive, Mechanics,
Production Mechanics, Painters, Home use, or whatever else you see fit.

Will the Magnets harm my computers Hard Drive?

(Source) K&J Magnetics – Frequently Asked Questions
While you probably don’t want to stick magnets directly to your computer case, having them
nearby will not harm your computer. Magnets can damage floppy disks and magnetic
tape storage media, so you must keep magnets away from these items.
They will not, however, damage any data on your hard drive. Every hard drive already contains a
powerful neodymium magnet, so one moving around outside the case will not affect the data.
Here is an article from PC World Magazine to support this statement. Seagate, Hard Drive Manufactures,
states that todays computers no longer will lose data from magnets since they are now solid state.

Is it true that laptops can discolor skin over time and there should be a protective barrier, such as Utilishelf?

The utilishelf product will help keep the skin from discoloration. Please read
about this in this CNN article.

Will the magnets damage the surface of my equipment?

Only if you are abusive with its use when you mount it or dismount it. Our UtiliShelf Model 1706 addresses this issue.

My Lenovo laptop goes to sleep every time I set it on the UtiliShelf with the lid open once it gets 1.5” away from magnets. How can I rectify this situation?

The Lenovo laptop has a magnetic sleep activation lid, so when you open the lid and it gets close the magnets on the utilishelf it goes to sleep, follow these instructions to rectify this problem when using the Lenovo’s newest model the P71 on the UtiliShelf.

I'd like to use my Y570 laptop as a desktop computer without using its own display. However, when I close the lid of the laptop, the system goes to sleep.

How do I fix this?

Please do the following to keep the system active when you use the UtiliShelf. The instructions are for Windows 7-10:

1. Click on “Control Panel” and then “Hardware and Sound”

2. Click on “Power options”

3. Click on “Change plan settings” for your power plan as in Fig.1


4. Click on “Change advanced power settings” as in Fig.2


5. From the Power Options window, click the plus sign next to “Power buttons and lid” to expand the folder as in Fig.3

6. Click the plus sign next to “Lid close action”.

7. Click “Sleep” and it will open up choices. Select “Do nothing”.


You would also want to check the same for option “Plugged in”.

Tip: If you change your power plan, you’ll have to do the above steps again for the new power plan.