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Portable Computer Workstation

The UtiliShelf makes a perfect portable computer workstation. With the UtiliShelf, you can work on your laptop computer anywhere there’s a vertical metal surface.

Tablets and iPads

The portable workstation is also great for tablets and iPads. When you need to take your tablet with you in the field, you can easily setup a portable workstation to hold your tablet.

Powerful Magnets

The powerful magnets allow it to attach quickly and easily to metal surfaces. And it’s easy to remove. Located on the back near the top, the magnets provide stability. The position of the magnets can be adjusted to fit or accommodate the surface that you’re attaching it to.

Magnets are Safe

The magnets are directional. They present a strong magnetic field toward the surface it attaches to. No magnetic field is directed toward the work surface. You can place computers and other sensitive instruments on the work surface without the magnets affecting or damaging them.

Adjustable Magnets

The position of the magnets can be adjusted to accommodate any metal surface. They can be set closer together if attaching to something such as a metal column.

Custom Pad

Orders of 300 or more are eligible to have a custom logo on the pad and their reorder information added for free.

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