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Portable Desk and Writing Station

It’s a portable desk that you can take anywhere. Perfect for writing when you’re away from a traditional desk or in the field. The flat, smooth surface of the UtililShelf is ideal for writing on paper or filling out forms. And it’s perfect for holding service manuals. Anywhere you have a vertical metal surface, you can setup a temporary writing desk. The writing desk can attach to metal that is 16 gauge or heavier using heavy duty magnets

Portable Writing Station

With the UtiliShelf, you’ve got a complete portable writing station. It sets up quickly and easily and provides a strong and level surface for writing. It’s perfect for anytime or place that you need to write but don’t have access to a table, desk or other flat surface. It sets up quickly and you’ve got a fully functional writing station instantly and on demand. Anytime or place that you need it.

Service Manual Holder

Along with writing you can also hold service manuals weighing up to 15 pounds. Setup the station, open your service manual and you’ll be productive in moments. And you can set it up right where you’re working. As long as there’s a vertical metal surface that is 16 gauge or heavier.

Heavy Duty Magnets

The writing desk attaches to a metal surface using two heavy duty magnets. The magnets are easy to attach and easy to remove. And while attached, they provide a very stable writing surface.

Custom Pad

Orders of 300 or more are eligible to have a custom logo on the pad and their reorder information added for free.

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