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“worked well, all tech loved. Good material.”

Im going to buy this again!!

“This magnetic shelf is great. Holds my laptop when I need to work on Diesel engines. Light weight and durable. Great product. Also ordering from national business furniture was easy and the delivery was fast and on time.”

I would buy this again and have recommended it to other tech

“We have started using the new UtiliShelf CPD and they work great as a portable workstation at the Sub. These days we use computers for almost all testing/recording results and to have a workstation to set your laptop is very handy. We also use the UtiliShelfs quite often in the subs when communicating to different devices. The shelfs give you a place to set your laptop or tools so you do not have to have your laptop in a live cabinet.”

Ameren IllinoisMcMillen, Kenneth W

“Bought this handtruck to use in the relay testing field. This has been a game changer. In tight places where a table type setup won’t work. The UtiliTech Field Workstation CPD excels. Then add the Utilishelf to the arsenal. It’s made my job, way easier. 1000%”

Darren JarrellRelay Specialist