UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk is Useful

The UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk has a variety of uses across several industries. Here are 4 of the most common ones.

1. Laptop Holder

With the UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk you now have a place for your laptop providing you a workspace to set your laptop on so you can perform other task while waiting for data downloads.

2. Tablets and iPads

3. Test Equipment Holder

With the UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk, you can setup a testing station just about anywhere. Attach the UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk to a vertical metal surface and you’ve got a solid and stable testing station. Just setup the UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk with your testing tools and equipment.

4. Writing Table

With the UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk, you’ve got a complete portable writing station. It sets up quickly and easily and provides a strong and level surface for writing. It’s perfect for anytime or place that you need to write but don’t have access to a table, desk or other flat surface. It sets up quickly and you’ve got a fully functional writing station instantly and on demand. Anytime or place that you need it.


The magnets attach quickly and easily to metal surfaces. Plus, they’re easy to remove and really stable. Located on the back near the top, the position of the magnets can be adjusted to fit or accommodate the surface that you’re attaching it to.


UtiliShelf’s magnets are directional. They present a strong magnetic field toward the surface it attaches to and no magnetic field is directed toward the work surface. You can place computers and other sensitive instruments on the work surface without the magnets affecting or damaging them.


The position of the magnets can be adjusted to accommodate any metal surface. For example, they can be set closer together if being attached to something such as a metal column.

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