Using a Magnetic Shelf for Work? 7 Signs It’s a Good One

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Utilishelf_ 7 Things To Look For In A Magnetic Shelf

Magnetic shelves enable field workers to set up a functional, practical workstation no matter where they are. There’s no dispute that magnetic shelves solve several problems, but how do you go about choosing the best magnetic shelf? If you’re on the lookout for a new product that ticks every box, here are 7 things to look for.

A Shelf with Rubber Magnet Protectors

If you work in a variety of settings and environments, and you’re concerned about damaging delicate surfaces, for example, polished furniture, it’s wise to invest in a shelf that has rubber magnet protectors. These protectors will shield every surface, preventing scuffs and scratches.

Some magnetic shelves come only with a protective piece of paper, but this will not be robust enough to prevent surfaces from becoming tarnished. A metal ring, for example, can easily cut through a piece of paper. Rubber is the way to go.

The Shelf Protects your Laptop

Many magnetic shelves do not come with internal padding, which can pose a risk when transporting or storing a laptop. If you don’t have padding inside the shelf, the external case may get scratched or damaged. If your shelf doesn’t have cushioning, you’ll need to carry your laptop in a protective case.

The best magnetic shelves for use in the field will have protective padding.

The Shelf has a Large Surface Area

When you’re working, and you’re setting up a laptop or utilizing tools or testing equipment, you need to make sure that you have enough space to work efficiently.

Look for a shelf that provides the surface area you need. Many modern laptops can be up to 17-inches wide, so check the measurements of both your laptop and the shelf before making a decision.

The Shelf has Ample Weight Capacity

If you’re using a magnetic shelf as a workstation, you need to ensure that the product is sturdy and strong enough to support the equipment you need. Some laptops weigh up to 12lbs and when you add gauges and other tools there may be a risk that the shelf can’t support the weight. Some products can only support up to 15lbs.

The Utilishelf, however, has a weight capacity of 30lbs.

The Shelf has Good Grip

If you’re in the middle of a job, and you’re using your magnetic shelf to hold your laptop or diagnostic equipment, you need to ensure that your tools and your laptop are safe and secure. Look for a magnetic shelf that offers padding and grip to prevent equipment from sliding off and breaking.

The Shelf is Made with Dielectric Materials

Dielectric materials are poor conductors of electricity, which is good for computers. A magnetic shelf that features dielectric surfaces and rubber feet will improve safety and reduce the risk of electrocution and electrical injuries. Utilishelf is made using military-grade polycarbonate to promote safe working.

The Shelf has Versatile, Adjustable Magnets

Adjustable magnets enable you to use your workstation in any way you wish, as you can attach them to conduit, I-beam, pipes or flat surfaces. With a vertical setting, you can make use of a wider range of surfaces, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

The UtiliShelf Difference

Magnetic shelves offer a plethora of advantages for field workers. Because the UtiliShelf was built by a field worker, for field workers, we made sure to nail all 7 of these requirements. It’s the reason why so many field workers across so many industries love the UtiliShelf. Buy it today and help your field workers get more done, safely.


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