World’s First Collapsible Platformed Dolly for the Field.

With it’s unique, patent-pending, lightweight design, UtiliShelf CPD makes it really easy to get equipment in and out of the field, while providing a stable work environment once they’re there – whatever the terrain. Works especially well with a UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk.

Including The Umbrella.

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Light, yet Durable
  • 36 lbs
  • 400lb carrying capacity
  • 100lb top shelf capacity
  • 70lb rear pocket shelf capacity
  • Front-shelf can be adjusted out up to 24”
  • Holds your laptop
  • Rear pocket folds out to create a work desk
  • Folded height of 36”
  • Width: 22”
  • Folded Thickness: 4”
Use Anywhere
  • Extends to 47” work height
  • 4 stabilizer legs support the unit on all terrains
  • Locking fold-in 8-inch rubber wheels

UtiliShelf CPD Umbrella Specs:

  • Tilt feature
  • Colors available are: Black or Florescent Yellow
  • Sun resistant
  • Rain resistant
  • Heavy Duty Fiber webbing for strength in heavy winds

“We have started using the new UtiliShelf CPD and they work great as a portable workstation at the Sub. These days we use computers for almost all testing/recording results and to have a workstation to set your laptop is very handy. We also use the UtiliShelfs quite often in the subs when communicating to different devices. The shelfs give you a place to set your laptop or tools so you do not have to have your laptop in a live cabinet.”

McMillen, Kenneth WAmeren Illinois

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UtiliShelf CPD is the next revolutionary product behind the team that brought you UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk. Now, your field workers can transport equipment and work on a stable platform – at the same time!

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