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The Original Portable Magnetic Desk “UtiliShelf”

Invented in 2009 | Patented in 2010

Made in the USA

The World’s Best Premium Work Desk for the Field Worker

Sold in over 18 different countries around the world!

Can be used in virtually any industry!

Get More Done.
Wherever You Are.

The UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk makes it possible for field workers to set up a workstation wherever they are.

The Upgrade

UtiliShelf Plus | Model 1706 - $150.00

The UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk Model 1706 takes what’s great about the original and makes it even better. With 3 magnets and 2 nylon straps, it holds twice the weight and only weighs 1.5lbs more. If you need something heavy-duty, this is it!

Product Specs

  • 17 ¼”L x15 ¾”H x 2”T with 30LB capacity
  • Weight: 5.5lbs
  • 3 magnets
  • Cup protectors for delicate, painted surfaces
  • Vinyl-coated mouse pad for laptop computer
  • Adjustable magnet positions for I-Beams
  • Di-electrically safe
  • Buying in bulk? Contact us for special pricing.
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The Original

Introducing the UtiliBag Accessory Kit - $75.00

The UtiliBag, is a water resistant bag to hold and carry your laptop and UtiliShelf and other items safely to the jobsite.

Kit Includes:

UtiliBag to hold your laptop and UtiliShelf together as well as your hooks.

  • 1 –  set of UtiliHooks
  • 1 – extra magnet with protector
  • 6 extra magnet protectors

$50.00Add to cart

New offering:

You asked for it, Well here they are:

Magnet Cup Protector Set: Includes 6 magnet cup protectors


Magnet Cup Protector Set / BUY NOW

See UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk in Action

Beautifully simple. Tremendously powerful.


“worked well, all tech loved. Good material.”

Im going to buy this again!!

“This magnetic shelf is great. Holds my laptop when I need to work on Diesel engines. Light weight and durable. Great product. Also ordering from national business furniture was easy and the delivery was fast and on time.”

I would buy this again and have recommended it to other tech

UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk

The Original UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk, in all it’s glory.

UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk Plus

Stronger, more durable, but not much heavier.

UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk Plus

Holding a UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk ain’t no big deal for a UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk Plus.

Get More out of UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk with UtiliHook

Introducing our patent-pending Utilihook. Now, you can use the UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk in even more places!

Simply insert the UtiliHook on to an alumninum or stainless steel surface and use your UtiliShelf Magnetic Desk as normal!


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